Trista and Ryan Ready to Wed on TV

While Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck say they canned their wedding because of "excessive media attention," Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter are more than happy to promote their upcoming televised nuptials.

Rehn and Sutter met on the ABC reality show, The Bachelorette, and they'll be married on TV this winter. ABC has said it will devote four hours to the event — which will include the planning and the parties.

Pre-Wedding Day Hoopla

The couple is sure to make a few TV appearances leading up to their big day and they're starting this weekend during ABC's Miss America pageant.

Rehn, 31, and Sutter, 28, will host a viewing party from Boulder, Colo., Saturday night. The couple and a few of their closest friends will watch the pageant and update viewers throughout the show on which contestants they like.

Trista and Ryan each had their bachelorette and bachelor parties recently on the Caribbean island of St. Martin.

Three of Rehn's rejected bachelors — Bob Guiney, Jamie Blythe and Russ Woods — attended Sutter's bachelor party.

Rehn, a physical therapist, chose Sutter, a poetry-writing firefighter from Vail, Colo., from among 25 suitors. The Bachelorette ended in February. Trista and Ryan are said to be getting $1 million to let ABC run the show for their wedding.

Trista the ‘Princess’ Bride

Rehn will wear two different dresses during the three-part network event.

"I really wanted a dress for the ceremony that would be more full and kind of princess-like and then one to be able to just dance and have a really good time and not have to worry about my dress at the reception," Rehn said on today's Good Morning America.

Rehn said she and Sutter agreed to a televised wedding because they figured it could be everything they've ever dreamed of and their parents wouldn't be financially burdened at all.

"I mean, I'm sorry, but if you're a bride out there and you'll have a team of people helping you and your dream wedding paid for, I don't know who would say no to that," Rehn said on ABCNEWS' Good Morning America earlier this year.

Funny guy Bob Guiney, who was rejected by Rehn in February, will have to begin choosing between 25 young bachelorettes next week when his run as The Bachelor gets under way.

The Miss America pageant, which could be categorized as TV's first reality show, will air this Saturday from Atlantic City, N.J. The first pageant aired Sept. 11, 1954, and drew 27 million viewers. Last year's event drew about 12 million viewers.