Handy Kitchen Gadgets for $20 and Under

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Aug. 11, 2003 -- — Looking for some fun, practical and inexpensive kitchen tools that can improve your food preparations, cut your cooking time and make your kitchen hum with efficiency?

Good Morning America Food Editor Sara Moulton has found some great gadgets such as avocado slicers, to milk frothers to silicone counter protectors.

Best of all, these items cost no more than $20 each.

Lekue Silicone Baking Ware: Because they are made out of silicone, there is no need to grease or oil these pans. $20, Available through Gourmet Catalog (gourmetcatalog.com), Boscov's (boscovs.com), Le Gourmet Chef (legourmetchef.com), Kitchen Collections (kitchencollections.com),

Progressive International Avocado Slicer: Summer time is a great time for putting avocados in so many different recipes from salads to salsa, but slicing an avocado can be tricky. This stainless steel slicer can slice the avocado in three steps. Cut the fruit in half, remove the pit, then just slide the slicer just above the skin to scoop and slice at the same time. $14.99, progressiveintl.com

WMF tomato knife: This knife, with a scalloped steel blade, slices ripe tomatoes neatly and cleanly, without squashing them. $15, williams-sonoma.com

Bonjour Frother: Non-fat milk is easily turned into rich, creamy froth by pouring the milk into a carafe, placing a lid on it and pumping it 20 times. (www.bonjourproducts.com, $14.99)

Glad Press 'n Seal: a new type of sealable plastic wrap that creates a spill-proof seal, and eliminates the need to double and triple wrap items. $2.99, (Available at mass merchandisers. For more information, glad.com/pressnseal)

Amco Professional Performance measuring spoons: They rest flat on the counter and have extra long handles and slim bowls to reach into the bottom of spice jars. The long-handled spice measuring spoons are $12.00 (amcohouseworks.com,)

Gripper Bar Boards: Cutting boards feature a hard cutting surface and a soft cushiony rubber underside that cling to the counter surface. They are dishwasher safe, too. from Architec Housewares, $9.99 for 8x11, $14.99 for 11x14 (www.architecproducts.com)

Silicone Counter Protectors: These counter protectors are non-skid and heat-resistant to 675 degrees, and are flexible and dishwasher safe. They can be used under cutting boards, mixing bowls and other abrasive tools and appliances. (www.specialtyfoodamerica.com or 888-881-1633, $6.95 for small, $14.95 for large)

OXO Good Grips julienne peeler: This peeler can slice fruits and vegetables such as zucchini, carrots, potatoes and apples into perfect julienne strips. It has a soft, non-slip handle. ($6)

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