'Bachelorette' Mom Approves Of Final Choice

The nation is holding its collective breath over who The Bachelorette will choose when the show finale airs tonight: Will it be the poetry-loving fireman, Ryan, or the smooth-talking account executive, Charlie?

Trista Rehn, the show's star, was pressed to reveal her final decision on ABCNEWS' Good Morning America, but she simply smiled and said "I'm not telling."

The Bachelorette said she'll watch the show's final episode in her hotel room with "her man."

Whomever Rehn decided on, her mother is giving her choice a stamp of approval. Roseanne Rehn refused to divulge who her daughter picked, but said that she can tell which man she picked by listening to her daughter's voice.

"Trista's voice changes when she mentions her new love," said Roseanne Rehn, a retail executive who is divorced from Trista's dad. She says that the suitor that Trista picked is "a lovely young man."

But Roseanne Rehn did say she was sorry to see her daughter toss out Bob, who was the joker among the 25 men. At one point, he performed an Irish jig to try to dazzle Trista — but it wasn't enough to get him into the final four picks, much to her mom's disappointment.

"I'm a big fan of a man who can make me laugh," Rosanne Rehn said.

As she watched the show, Rehn saw Trista making out with some of the suitors, and taking dips in the hot tub during dates. Knowing that her friends and neighbors were watching her daughter's intimate moments didn't faze her.

"I'd rather see somebody kissing than somebody getting killed," she said.

Charlie vs. Ryan

Charlie, a 28-year-old accountant from Hermosa Beach, Calif., and Ryan, a 28-year-old firefighter from Vail, Colo., appear to be very different men, but they seem to have managed to get along despite the competition.

While Charlie is more of the sexy/strong type of guy, Ryan is somewhat shy and romantic. Ryan started writing poems about Rehn before he even met her, and he hasn't given his pen a rest since. In the latest episode he was at it again, and Rehn was seen wiping away tears as he read.

"She is to me the rainbow through the rain. She is to me the laughter through the pain. She's living in my dreams. She's a vision and it seems that I'm falling for something about her."

Meanwhile, Charlie also seemed to be falling for something about her when he stole a very romantic kiss from Rehn at dinner during last week's show.

Most of the speculation on Internet chat boards and in gossip columns pegs Charlie as Rehn's final choice, but the Bachelorette hasn't offered any clues. And when it comes to rumors about a new addition, Rehn simply laughs. "No, there's no baby on the way," she said.

Rehn, 30, won't reveal if she proposed marriage at the end of the series, but does say that having to stay distant from her chosen man until the series has been brodcast has been tough.

After her role in The Bachelor, the former Miami Heat cheerleader gave up her job as a pediatric physical therapist to pursue a television career, which has included a stint as the host of VH1's All Access.

Tonight, in ABC's final episode of this year's Bachelorette, Rehn will give her final rose to either Charlie or Ryan. Rehn and the chosen bachelor will join Good Morning America Thursday to talk about the decision and their lives since the show ended.