'Daredevil' Affleck on Wedding Plans

Ben Affleck plays a superhero in his latest film Daredevil, but Affleck says the man behind the mask is looking forward to slowing down and spending some quality time with his fiancée, Jennifer Lopez.

In Daredevil, Affleck, a huge comic book fan, gets to play a character he's admired since childhood.

Realistic Superhero

Daredevil, unlike other traditional superheroes such as Batman and Superman, actually bleeds when he gets hurt and even takes painkillers to ease his suffering.

"I think that appealed to me because I thought it was more honest," Affleck said on ABCNEWS' Good Morning America. "There was a kind of sort of 1950s Boy Scout sort of chaste heroism in this sort of Superman model that seemed to be out of what was happening in the world around me, and there was this other model," he said.

In the film, Affleck falls in love with Elektra, played by actress Jennifer Garner (Alias). In real life, Affleck's heart belongs to another Jennifer, better known as "J. Lo" or "Jenny from the block."

Although there have been rumors about a Valentine's Day wedding, Affleck stood by what he said about the couple's wedding plans in the latest issue of Vanity Fair. Affleck said this summer is "a safe bet."

Affleck, who has made 14 films in four years, says he plans to take some time to enjoy his life with Lopez after he wraps up a few more projects.

"I'm doing a movie now and doing one more and take six months off and Jen [Lopez] will work the second half of the year and I'll follow her around and be at home, be a Mr. Mom, except we don't have kids," he said.

Big Forehead?

Although Affleck was voted the "sexiest man alive" by People magazine in 2002, he never let it go to his head, which he says is big enough.

"I'm a member of the big forehead club," Affleck said. "I look in the mirror and I'd see Frankenstein," Affleck joked, adding that his forehead resembles the enormous stone statues on Easter Island.

In Daredevil, he plays Matt Murdock, a man who was blinded at age 12. When he lost his ability to see, his other senses became hyper-acute, so he transformed himself into Daredevil, a high-flying superhero with gadgets and a great physique. Daredevil works to bring justice to evildoers in the Hell's Kitchen area of New York City. The movie opens in theaters Friday, Feb. 14.