Vote For Funniest TV Moment

Good Morning America is taking a look back at the funniest moments in television history.

On Monday, Good Morning America's Lara Spencer reenacted one of her favorite episodes from I Love Lucy. She, and a partner from the studio audience (our "Ethel") reenacted the episode with the chocolates on the speedy conveyor belt.

On Tuesday, Tony Perkins reenacted The Tonight Show segment featuring Ed Ames' famous tomahawk toss. That segment with Johnny Carson produced one of the longest laughs in television history.

On Wednesday, Charlie Gibson reenacted the final episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show in which the whole group at WJM-TV engages in a long hug while all walking towards the box of tissues on Mary's desk.

On Thursday, Valerie Harper helped Good Morning America to reenact the famous scene from Rhoda, during which she wears a wedding dress on the subway while trying to make it to her own ceremony on time.

On Friday, Robin Roberts and her family reenacted the scene from The Cosby Show in which the Huxtable family sings the Ray Charles' classic, "Night Time Is The Right Time."

Vote for one of the ten funny TV moments listed in the ballot below.