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Jan. 31, 2002 -- Sex in the City is a show in which fashion is practically the fifth character but you have to admit it … some of it's pretty outrageous. Can "regular" women carry off these looks in cities other than New York?

Fashion consultant Jill Martin says you can copy a less crazy version of Sex and the City at a much lower price. Check out the following Carrie-style clothes and accessories featured on Good Morning America.

Shirts & Skirts:

Blue tube top from Victoria's Secret, $20.

Skirt shown with tube top from Sears, $22.

Ballerina-style skirt from Capezio, $19.99.

Carrie shirt from HBO.com for $59.95, or make your own using a "Bedazzler" tool, sold stores nationwide, $19.95 and up.

Pink Halter top shown with pearls from Guess, $34.


Pearl Necklace, $8 a strand (www.mjtrim.com)

Carrie's heart necklace, the one on GMA is $15 (down2earthusa1.com).

Fruit-style pocketbook from Target is $14.99


Red shoes from Bakers for $35.

Shoes, Dr. Scholl's, $30 (www.shoes.com).

Black and white shoes from Sears, $35.

White pumps $29, (newport-news.com).

At the recent Golden Globes Awards, Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie on the show, wore a pants and dress combination from Chanel, for more than $10,000, said Martin. A similar outfit, from ABS can be purchased for about $450 (www.absstyle.com).The model wearing the ABS dress was also wearing Michael Kors Leg Shine $30, Glam Bronzer $50 and Body Creme $100 (www.michaelkors.com). On Good Morning America, fashion consultant Jill Martin wore a suit by Escada (www.escada.com)

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