'Sex and The City' Style

ByABC News via logo
January 30, 2002, 11:35 PM

Jan. 31 -- Sex in the City is a show in which fashion is practically the fifth character but you have to admit it some of it's pretty outrageous. Can "regular" women carry off these looks in cities other than New York?

Fashion consultant Jill Martin says you can copy a less crazy version of Sex and the City at a much lower price. Check out the following Carrie-style clothes and accessories featured on Good Morning America.

Shirts & Skirts:

Blue tube top from Victoria's Secret, $20.

Skirt shown with tube top from Sears, $22.

Ballerina-style skirt from Capezio, $19.99.

Carrie shirt from HBO.com for $59.95, or make your own using a "Bedazzler" tool, sold stores nationwide, $19.95 and up.

Pink Halter top shown with pearls from Guess, $34.


Pearl Necklace, $8 a strand (www.mjtrim.com)

Carrie's heart necklace, the one on GMA is $15 (down2earthusa1.com).

Fruit-style pocketbook from Target is $14.99


Red shoes from Bakers for $35.

Shoes, Dr. Scholl's, $30 (www.shoes.com).

Black and white shoes from Sears, $35.

White pumps $29, (newport-news.com).

At the recent Golden Globes Awards, Sarah Jessica Parker, who plays Carrie on the show, wore a pants and dress combination from Chanel, for more than $10,000, said Martin. A similar outfit, from ABS can be purchased for about $450 (www.absstyle.com).The model wearing the ABS dress was also wearing Michael Kors Leg Shine $30, Glam Bronzer $50 and Body Creme $100 (www.michaelkors.com). On Good Morning America, fashion consultant Jill Martin wore a suit by Escada (www.escada.com)