Hot New Foods Hit the Market

— You've see them on TV, but how do they taste? Some brand new food products are about to hit store shelves and Good Morning America's food editor, Sara Moulton, checked them out for you.

Dulche de Leche, Caramel M&M's

M&M Mars is launching a brand new M&M called Dulche de Leche, caramel chocolate candies. They were inspired by the overwhelming popularity of this staple Latino dessert into ice cream. Haagen-Dazs new flavor "Dulche de Leche" can't be kept on shelves it's so popular. The new M&M features a swirl of chocolate and creamy Dulce de Leche caramel blended in a traditional candy shell.

White Cranberry Juice

Everyone knows cranberries are red, but they are just harvesting the first ever cranberry that's white. Ocean spray is about to launch new white cranberry juice It will hit stores on the east and west coast in September, and be available nationwide by January.

Peanut Butter Slices

What will they think of next? It's peanut butter that you don't have to spread and kids can make peanut butter sandwiches without a knife, or a mess. It comes packaged like American cheese and has the same nutritional content as regular peanut butter. It took three years of testing and four hundred tries to get it right. Slices will hit stores this month and be test-marketed with jelly.