How to Make a Leaf Scrapbook


Collect different types of leaves. Wipe clean and press for two or three days

Use different colored acid-free card stock paper. You can find this paper in the scrapbooking section of your arts and crafts store

Use acid-free glue


Pencil, metallic pen for writing

Photographs of your choosing

Colored paints (tempura)

Ready to use scrapbook with plastic top loading sheet protectors

Craft scissors with various cutting edges, great for cutting page boarders and for framing drawings, leaves or photos

Stickers -- leaf stickers or any other theme of choice


1. Dress up your pages any way you desire

2. Design the book before handling any leaves. If the leaf needs to be glued onto page, do this last.

3. Work with cut outs, photos or backgrounds first

4. Press with heavy book when gluing shapes, cutouts and photos.

5. Apply thin coat, diluted glue over leaf to seal leaf and keep it looking fresh. Let each layer of glue dry prior to putting down the second and final layer of sealer or glue. Do not put on too thick or it will cloud the leaf.

6. Add in pictures, poems, or anything else you want to make this scrapbook reflect your personality.