Halloween Decorations With Katie Brown

What better way to welcome trick-or-treaters than with some spooky door decor?

But even if you've left decorating until the last minute, don't worry. It's not too late to be the envy of all the other haunted houses on the block. Katie Brown of the "Katie Brown Workshop" on PBS has quick and inexpensive do-it-yourself decorations.

Pumpkin Carving

Use a pumpkin topiary.

It's easy to stack and doesn't have to be perfect. It will work for the rest of fall when you take off the decorations.

Make mummy wrapped pumpkins.

No carving is needed. Make them with a combination of crepe paper, masks and spider web d├ęcor.

Around the House

Decorative Lanterns
They are inexpensive, but bright and festive. Hang on the end of tall garden stakes. Use glow sticks; they are safer than candles and will provide eerie lighting.


Spray wooden trellises black for a spooky look. They are easy to decorate with spider webs. Add creepy details like spiders and bats.

Welcome Mat

Weave an inexpensive wicker door mat with plastic orange and black floral ribbon.

Trick-or-Treating Bags

Letter Decal Bag

Put leftover vinyl letters you used for your mail box on a trick-or-treat bucket to spell out "trick" and "treat" on opposite sides.

Glow Stick Bag

Drop a glow stick in the bottom of a milk jug. The glow will help keep kids visible and safe in the dark. Make sure you buy a glow stick that lasts for four hours or longer.

Spiders and Ghosts Candy Bucket

Place spider and ghost decals on the bucket with double stick tape. Lightly spray paint over the decals. When the paint dries remove the decals to reveal the fun spooky shapes.

Mask-Themed Milk Jug Trick or Treat Bucket

Cut the top off a milk jug, but make sure to leave the handle. Slip a Halloween mask around the jug. Poke holes in the side of the jug and add a pipe cleaner handle.

Bat-Themed Milk Jug Trick or Treat Bucket
Punch holes in the jug where you want to place the bat. Wrap thin wire around the bat, push the wire through the hole in the milk jug and secure. Loop long pieces of ribbon or raffia along the handle.