Where Is Amber Frey Today?

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Feb. 19, 2007 — -- Nobody expects to become a household name overnight, but that's exactly whathappened to Amber Frey.

More than four years ago, the Fresno, Calif., massage therapist became the star witness in the murder trial of Scott Peterson.

She was the "other woman" in a mysterious murder case that the whole world watched. During the trial, she was hounded by the media and became embroiled in a series of tabloid-fueled scandals, including nude photos of her becoming public.

Frey calls that period in her life "bizarre."

"During that time, it was very consuming with the media and stories that, you know, kept arising and constantly something new happening or being said," Frey said in an interview with "Good Morning America."

Today, Frey, 32, has taken back her quiet life, living with her new husband, corrections Officer Robert Hernandez, in a small city in central California.

She has opened a day spa and moved on from her notorious past, but she'll never forget how one blind date in November 2002 changed her life forever.

Frey fell for Peterson's charm from the moment they met, but she would soon discover that he was not only married but that his wife, Laci, was reported missing.

When Peterson became the prime suspect in Laci's disappearance, Frey immediately contacted the authorities and went public about their affair.

She cooperated with the police, even taping phone conversations with Peterson. Her testimony at the trial helped send Peterson to death row.

Her motives were questioned when, less than three weeks after Peterson was sentenced, Frey published "Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson," an autobiographical account of her involvement in the case.

Days after Peterson's verdict of guilt was announced, she made many media appearances to promote her book, often accompanied by attorney Gloria Allred.

In her book, Frey reaches out to Laci's family and expresses her sorrow over her death. Her overtures to the family weren't returned.

"I haven't spoke with the family or had any type of connection … since my testimony," Frey said.

Frey says the most difficult part of the ordeal was being represented as the "mistress" in the media.

"I think that's probably the most frustrating thing for me," she said. "Every time I hear that, it's just, I feel that it's being misused."

Despite the media maelstrom, Frey says she has no regrets about going public about her relationship with Peterson or helping the prosecution.

"You know, I feel I have closure," Frey said. "I feel like there was justice. It was served through the legal system you know. Everything that I endured. … It was all worth it."

Frey also said she had not had any communication with Peterson, who sits on death row at San Quentin prison.

"I don't really have a need," she said. "I don't have anything, you know, left to say."

Frey is also not worrying about what will happen when and if Peterson is executed.

"I don't know if that will happen in our lifetime," she said. "If it does, you know, then just like anything else, deal with those emotions or those thoughts at that time."

Allred said that what helped Frey get through the ordeal was her integrity.

"One of the reasons I admire Amber so much and her courage, is because of the risks she took for justice. And she took that risk of recording Scott Peterson and all of his lies," Allred told "Good Morning America."

Frey is now married to 37-year-old Hernandez.

The two met when Frey, her 2-year-old son, and 5-year-old daughter moved into Hernandez's neighborhood.

"We were introduced through another neighbor out front, children playing outside," Hernandez said.

"It was very casual and other than that we were friends but basically neighbors. It was quite a while before we actually began to be any more than just as a neighbor, you know," he said.

The Peterson case is something Frey would like to leave in the past, though there were lessons she took away from that time in her life.

"When you're caught up in the storm or, you know, just the turmoil of everything that there is another side and you do get through it. And you know, just standing by the truth and doing the right thing," she said.

Though it is clear Frey still thinks of Laci.

"It could have been me," she said. "And just the hope and prayers that, you know, if, if the shoes were switched, that you know, Laci would do the same thing for me."

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