Singing in Shower Wins Dove Ad Competition for Calif. Woman

ByABC News via logo
February 27, 2007, 8:44 AM

Feb. 27, 2007 — -- Doing everyday, silly things when no one is looking is what makes people beautiful, not their outer appearance, the winner of a commercial competition for Dove told "Good Morning America."

The winning commercial, one of more than 1,000 entries, debuted during the Oscars broadcast on Sunday night and was presented by "Grey's Anatomy" actress Sara Ramirez.

In it, the creator, 22-year-old Lindsay Miller from Sherman Oaks, Calif., sings into a pink hairbrush and dances in the shower.

"Thinking about beauty and what it means to me ... and to me it's when I'm doing the ridiculous things that I'm doing," Miller told "Good Morning America" anchor Chris Cuomo.

The commercial ends with the tag line, "cuz what's better than knowing you're beautiful, even when no one is looking? That's real beauty. Love Dove." The contest was part of Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty, which celebrates women of all shapes and sizes.

"Grey's Anatomy" actress Sara Ramirez, who plays Dr. Callie O'Malley, said that Dove's campaign points out that beauty is not defined by one specific body type.

"I think women are excited to see themselves represented," Ramirez said. "It's lovely that Dove is giving us something to feel proud of."

Miller agreed.

"The Campaign for Real Beauty is something I feel really strongly about," she said. "And to play an actual role in it -- to make the ad that day was great," she said.

"Beauty comes in many different shapes and many different colors," Ramirez said. The campaign tells women "you are beautiful just the way you are."

As an actress, Ramirez has blazed her own trails by not adhering to the typical stick-thin body type of Hollywood starlets.

Her role on "Grey's" is "definitely breaking the mold and breaking barriers," she said.