Suspect in Teen's Murder Arraigned

Neighbors remember Edwin Hall, suspected of killing a teen, as being a nice guy.

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June 8, 2007 — -- Known to his neighbors as a regular family man, a shackled and weary-looking Edwin Roy Hall, who is accused of killing teenager Kelsey Smith, made his latest video appearance from a Kansas jail Thursday.

Hall was arraigned for the kidnapping and murder of the 18-year-old.

As investigators searched the home Hall shared with his wife and 4-year-old son, baffled neighbors reflected on the man they knew as "Jack."

"He's a nice guy. He fixes my Dad's truck when it breaks down," neighbor Marcellus Berry said.

"It makes me really scared because he came to my house. He was really nice to me," another neighbor said.

Hall's next-door neighbor Cameron Migues called police after he and his wife, Debby, recognized Hall and his pickup truck on the surveillance tape from the Target parking lot where authorities believe Smith was abducted.

"I've gone through about every emotion I can. There's been sadness for the family, anger knowing I let my kids play around this guy," Cameron Migues said.

In the days after Smith's disappearance, neighbors said Hall seemed perfectly fine.

"What are you made of to be able to do that? To carry on your life like nothing's happened and there's a girl out there that you murdered?" Debby Migues said.

Other than a trespassing charge and traffic violations, Hall had no adult criminal record before he allegedly ambushed Smith in a parking lot in broad daylight.

"It's telling me that it's somebody that's driven by a compulsion and, B, it's somebody who's pretty unsophisticated in that type of activity," said Brad Garrett, an ABC News consultant and former FBI agent.

A MySpace page believed to be Hall's paints a dark picture. On it, he calls himself a "sweet troubled soul." Among his favorite movies is "Strangeland," a film about a killer who maims and murders a police officer's teenage daughter.

Smith, whose father is a police officer, also had a page on MySpace, but investigators won't say how or whether the teen knew Hall.

Smith's body was found in the Missouri woods, just six miles from where another teenage girl Kara Kopetsky vanished last month. Police are now investigating whether Hall might be connected to that disappearance. He is currently being held on $5 million bond.

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