Former Girlfriend Says Bobby Cutts Jr. Has a Darker Side

Bobby Cutts Jr. will be arraigned on two murder counts later today.

ByABC News via logo
June 25, 2007, 7:43 AM

June 25, 2007 — -- Bobby Cutts Jr. and his alleged accomplice are expected to be arraigned today on charges of killing a 26-year-old pregnant Ohio woman.

Cutts, a former police officer, and his former classmate Myisha Ferrell remained behind bars in the murder case of single mom Jessie Davis.

Ferrell is charged with obstruction of justice in connection with the case, while Cutts faces two murder counts.

Cutts, Davis' boyfriend and father of her children, said he did not kill Davis. Instead, he claimed he arrived at her home and found her dying.

"He went to the scene. He saw Jesse Davis. She reached for his trousers. Her eyes rolled back and she died," said Canton Police Union Attorney Avery Friedman. "He panicked. He called a friend. The friend came over and assisted him in the removal of the body."

Friedman said the alleged accomplice is the most important witness in the case. "If indeed it's true that Bobby Cutts Jr. called her and they spent hours together, he obviously made incriminating remarks," Friedman said.

Police discovered Davis' body in a wooded site in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park Saturday. Davis was nine months pregnant and due to give birth next week.

After the discovery, police searched Ferrell's home and discovered several bottles of bleach, according to a neighbor. Police also reportedly removed three empty containers of fabric freshener, a black address book, three cell phones, a partial roll of duct tape and garbage bags.

Police said it was the bleach stench in Davis' home that indicated the crime scene had been cleaned up.

Today on "Good Morning America," Cutts' former girlfriend and the mother of his 9-year-old said he has a darker side.

"In a relationship with him I was frightened many times where he would exert control physically," said Nikki Giavasis. "There were instances when he pinned me down and held me against my will."

Giavasis named one specific incident in which she claimed she had to go to the emergency room and wear a neck brace for a couple of months.

"It seems that trouble follows him or he feels that he can do certain things and get away with them," she said. "He seems to be a guy that doesn't think there are consequences for his actions. He will be very aggressive and intimidating and threatening and then not really be punished for anything he's done."