Oprah and Letterman: Reunited Once Again

After a rumored 16-year feud, Letterman appears on "Oprah" for the first time.

Sept. 11, 2007 — -- Ladies and gentlemen, the feud is over.

It was a virtual lovefest — and a very funny one at that — when David Letterman appeared for the first time on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" Monday, putting to rest any lingering rumors of a conflict between the two.

As Letterman walked onto Winfrey's stage, temporarily located at New York City's Madison Square Garden, the talk show titans embraced.

"You did that to me, Oprah, you are causing my glasses to fog," Letterman said after their initial hug and kiss.

Talk of bad feelings between the two stars has been circulating since Letterman made fun of the talk show's name during the 1995 Oscars. While hosting the show, he acknowledged Winfrey in the crowd, then actress Uma Thurman, and asked them, "Have you kids met Keanu?"

In fact, Letterman joked Monday about how he'd been trying to get on Winfrey's show for years, but to no avail. He said he even kept an Oprah log. "Day 21 Oprah, Noprah," Letterman said, reading from the "journal."

Letterman brought along an Oprah-themed Top 10 list in Winfrey's honor, "Top 10 Reasons Why I Love Oprah," with the No. 1 reason aimed at her famous generosity: "She's giving everyone in today's audience a new house."

Letterman and Winfrey's detente has been slowly growing over the years. Two years ago, Letterman escorted Winfrey to the premiere of "The Color Purple," after she appeared as a guest on his show.

"Whatever it is you thought was happening, it's over. There is no feud," Winfrey told Letterman.

And last year, they took a trip to the Super Bowl, when they appeared in an ad for "Late Night With David Letterman" as a fan-crazed couple gearing up for the big game.

If Monday's highly entertaining reunion was any indication, fans may benefit the most from the stars' growing friendship.

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