Simpson Back Home in Miami

O.J. Simpson took a commercial flight back home to Miami last night.

Sept. 20, 2007 — -- After his arraignment Wednesday in a Las Vegas courtroom on multiple felony charges including kidnapping, O.J. Simpson has returned to his home in Miami.

Simpson was released from jail after posting bail and surrendering his passport. Simpson, who is free to travel in the continental United States, boarded a commercial airline flight and sat in coach, where he signed autographs for passengers.

Video obtained exclusively by ABC News shows the former football star fiddling with his headphones to watch the movie "Ocean's 13" and at one point placing his puppy on his lap.

His longtime girlfriend, Christie Prody, sat beside him and read the book "You've Been Warned."

"He was like an average passenger on this flight," said ABC producer Tarana Harris, who was on board the plane. "He had a sandwich and chatted with his girlfriend and attorney. He showed no visible signs of strain from the three days spent in jail."

Courtroom Drama

Just a few hours earlier, a humble-looking Simpson, dressed in a blue inmate jumpsuit, listened as the judge explained the charges against him.

As the judge explained to Simpson he was to have no contact with any of the other co-defendants, even through third parties, familiar faces watched.

His oldest daughter, Arnelle, sat behind him and Prody did, too. Even the Marcia Clark, the prosecutor in his 1995 murder case, in which he was acquitted, appeared, watching his every gesture.

Meanwhile, Simpson's defense attorney Yale Galanter said he was outraged that such serious charges had been brought against his client for a minor incident involving sports memorabilia.

But he said he believed the hearing went well.

"Everybody was extremely worried and, you know, it went well today," Galanter said. "We're relieved."

The arraignment and Simpson's subsequent release fueled all-cable news channels, as they documented his release and followed his chauffeured car along the highway.

Excessive Charges?

Simpson will head back to Las Vegas in October and his lawyers said he will plead not guilty. They believe he has a better chance of acquittal in Las Vegas than he did in Los Angeles.

Court TV's Lisa Bloom said today on "Good Morning America" that the charges may be excessive.

"I think it is overcharged," she said. "When you look at the allegations, one of them, armed robbery, sound terrible. When you read it, the allegations are he took basically cap and sunglasses. His coercion boils down to not letting a guy use his cell phone. If this was anybody other than O.J. Simpson, these charges would never have been filed. "

Yet, Bloom said she does believe Simpson could get a fair trial, despite the publicity.

"There was a little-known O.J. case in 1991 for road rage in Florida. He was acquitted," she said. "I think that tells us we have jurors who look at the evidence in the case. They don't care who O.J. is. They might care on a plane. But in a courtroom, they're going to look at the evidence. In this case, that's weak, so far."