Send a Question to Professor Randy Pausch

ABC News followed up with inspiring professor.

ByABC News via logo
September 21, 2007, 10:57 AM

March 20, 2008 — -- The "Good Morning America" segment about the inspiring last lecture of Carnegie Mellon Professor Randy Pausch, who has terminal pancreatic cancer, struck a chord with viewers and readers.

In September, Pausch said goodbye to his students and the Pittsburgh college with one last lecture called "How to Live Your Childhood Dreams," on his life's journey and the lessons he's learned.

Pausch had been receiving chemotherapy to treat his cancer, but his health took a turn for the worse recently.

ABC News has kept in touch with Pausch and will air a follow-up interview with him and his family in early April. If you have questions you would like to ask Pausch, you can e-mail them below.

Be sure to watch "The Last Lecture: A Love Story For Your Life" on ABC Wednesday April 9th, 10pm/9 CST.