Teen Fends off Home Invader With Bat

A teenager who was home alone this week when a burglar broke into his home made sure it was a day the thief wouldn't soon forget.

When 14-year-old Michael Six heard an intruder break into his Mesa, Ariz., home Tuesday, he only had time to seek refuge in his room and call 911.

"I heard him go into the room next door to me, my old room. Then I heard him go through my parents' room, opening all the doors, scrambling. And then I finally heard him go through my room. He just broke in real quick," said Six.

As he sat locked in his room relaying information to an emergency dispatcher, he hid inside a closet and the Little Leaguer grabbed his aluminum baseball bat.

When the criminal finally made it to Six's room and opened the closet door, the teen greeted him with a series of swift hits with the bat.

"You need to get out the window," the dispatcher said as the burglar opened the door and the scuffle occurred.

"Once I hit him like twice, he just got up and snatched the bat, and said some words and took off," Six said.

The intruder didn't get too far. Police were waiting for him, thanks to the very resourceful teenager, who knew how to defend himself and his home.