Amtrekker's Quest to Complete List of 50 Things

Brett Rounsaville, 27, quit his job as a designer for Disney in California in July and hit the road to complete a sort of "Bucket List" of 50 quirky tasks.

He began blogging about the trip but soon started recording and posting his feats online, taking the name "Amtrekker." He now has an iTunes podcast and each of his videos gets between 3,000 to 5,000 hits.

So far, Rounsaville has tubed down a river, learned survival skills, entered a hot dog eating contest, seen a live taping of "The Colbert Report," been to Fenway Park, touched a sloth, run a three-card monte game and ridden the fastest roller coaster in America, among other things. He says his favorites so far have been milking a cow on an Amish farm and hang gliding.

He told "Good Morning America" that he thought the hardest two tasks on his list would be riding an ostrich and telling Donald Trump, "You're fired!" Rounsaville was surprised when "GMA" got Trump on the phone and helped him cross another goal off the list.

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