JonBenet Ramsey Murder Case Open Again

Now that Colorado authorities have ruled out the Ramsey family as suspects in the murder of their 6-year-old daughter JonBenet, investigators are focusing on two other possibilities -- either a random intruder or someone connected to the family killed JonBenet.

The case is again wide open, and three men who have been deeply involved from the beginning have their theories.

"I think the biggest possibility that you have here, is you have a very vicious criminal, and in my opinion this individual is a pedophile," said Ollie Grey, a private investigator for the Ramsey family.

Grey thinks the perpetrator was a sexual predator who broke in through a window with a plan.

"That individual or individuals that may have entered the house in that manner entered that house prepared because they had a stun gun, they had tape," Grey said.

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Lou Smit, a former special investigator for the Boulder district attorney's office, believes the killer targeted JonBenet after seeing her ride through town in a parade three weeks before the killing.

The Mel Gibson movie, "Ransom," was playing in theaters around that time, and Smit said the ransom note left at the crime scene showed similarities to the film.

"I think I fall more towards a more random intruder, only from the standpoint that most of the people around the Ramseys have been checked out," Smit said.

But Bob Grant, who was also a former investigator for the Boulder district attorney's office, believes someone close to the family is more likely.

"What intruder is going to take the time to write a practice note and then write a real note?" Grant said.

At one point, the man hired to be Santa Claus for the Ramseys was investigated. All three men say he appears to have been innocent.

The Ramsey case file is 50,000 pages long, and some of those involved in the case believe the name of JonBenet's killer is already buried deep within that file, among a long list that is now getting a fresh look for the first time in a decade.

"He is still out there, he could be preying on children right now," Smit said.