Excerpt: 'The One Hundred'

Read an excerpt of "The One Hundred" by style maven Nina Garcia.

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August 25, 2008, 12:54 PM

Aug. 26, 2008 — -- Fresh from her appearance as a formidable judge on the hit show "Project Runway," Nina Garcia has published a new book called "The One Hundred."

Inside, Garcia gives tips on how to wear not 20, not 50, but 100 different essential items of clothing in hopes that readers can look their best, no matter what the situation. Check out a few excerpts of the book below.

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Think Kate Hudson in "Almost Famous," Tom Cruise in "Top Gun," Brad Pitt in "Fight Club," Leonardo DiCaprio in "The Aviator." The beauty of Aviator sunglasses is that they look perfect on the groupie from the '70s (Penny Lane), the fighter pilot from the '80s (Maverick), the lunatic from the '90s (Tyler Durden), and of course an aviator from the '30s (Howard Hughes). They are an eternally and universally fashionable shade that instantly brings out that cool factor. Wear them with your oldest jeans or with your newest tailored YSL jacket and look equally up-to-the-minute.

Flight School

In 1936, the U.S. government commissioned Ray-Ban to design sunglasses for Air Force pilots. The pilots wanted something that would provide the protection of their aviation goggles without the bulk. Ray-Ban came up with the Aviator design, which was an immediate hit. After more than seventy years, the sunglasses have maintained their popularity, and the model that aviators wore in 1936 is the same model that fashionistas and celebrities still wear today.

An often overlooked and underappreciated accessory (shoes and bags get all the attention). Yet, a great belt can make you look slimmer, pulled together, accentuate curves, and add bling to an otherwise bland outfit.

A thick black belt on a black dress instantly narrows the waist and highlights your curves. A hip belt on top of a tunic will draw the eye down. A skinny belt on a low-slung trouser makes you look polished.