Dylan and Cole Sprouse Talk About Playing Zack and Cody

Twins Dylan and Cole Sprouse have been stars since they were in diapers.

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October 16, 2008, 11:36 AM

Oct. 16, 2008 — -- For Dylan and Cole Sprouse, life has been pretty sweet so far.

The 16-year-olds have been working actors since they were in diapers -- both playing Patrick Kelly in ABC's "Grace Under Fire" when they were 8 months old.

Since then, they've starred in a movie, had their own hit show, "The Suite Life With Jack and Cody," on the Disney Channel and are about to take to the high seas on the same network in "The Suite Life on Deck."

"Basically what happens is, again, Zack and Cody go to school aboard a ship," Dylan explained.

"Disney really wanted us to grow up with the audience to make it look like we're becoming more responsible," Cody laughed. "If you put Dylan and I on a boat to do schoolwork, there would be no school work being done."

The boys' collective charm is undeniable, but to find out just how much the teen stars knew about each other, "Good Morning America" put them to the test by asking them questions and then letting them hold up signs with either their own or their brother's name on them.

Who's more troublesome?

Both: Dylan

Who gets the most dates?

Dylan: Dylan, Cole: Cole

"We don't give each other credit," Cole joked.

Who's got the coolest head when something bad happens?

Both: Dylan

Who's better at making up excuses?

Dylan: Dylan, Cole: Cole

Who does better in school?

Both: Cole

"Yeah, I'll give him that," Dylan said.