Savings Mom: Organic Foods

ByABC News via logo
April 21, 2005, 3:30 PM

April 22, 2005 -- --

In recognition of Earth Day on April 22, tested our coupon savvy in the organic section of our supermarket. Our shopper was able to buy dozens of healthy and organic items for her family of five at a fraction of their regular cost by using coupons. She saved 81 percent, or $143.88, paying only $35.03 on a full basket of groceries by following the "Best Deals" list for her store on The site does the research of matching current sale items with available coupons for shoppers in many states. You can find out more about organic products in general at

There are many sources of healthy and organic coupons, including Sunday newspaper coupon circulars, in-store booklets and magazines, and red SmartSource coupon machines attached to store shelves. As part of Earth Day, shoppers can also find a special booklet with organic coupons titled "Go Organic" in 2,900 participating grocery stores. You can also print some organic coupons at and

Many food manufacturers, including organic food manufacturers, have their own e-mail newsletters and may send printable coupons to subscribers. Check their Web sites for printable coupons, newsletter sign-ups and other offers. It is worth taking the time to e-mail their customer service contacts to give positive feedback about their products and ask if they have coupons available. If you include your address in your e-mail, they may send you free coupons for the products you like.

Save more with grocery coupons that are automatically programmed on your store discount card, available at Kroger and Kroger-owned retailers across the country. Go to, click on the "Savings" section, and click on "Internet Coupons." Sign up free with your store discount card number, and simply select the coupon offers you like. Click "Add to Card" and the coupon information will be added to your store discount card account. You do not need to print a coupon. When you buy the item using your store discount card, the coupon value will be deducted automatically from your receipt.