'Craigslist Killing' Victim Sent E-Mail to Clients

Message obtained by ABC News listed her dates in Boston, where she was killed.

ByABC News via logo
April 26, 2009, 4:37 PM

BOSTON, April 26, 2009— -- ABC News has obtained an e-mail that was sent to "regular clients" of massage therapist Julissa Brisman that has been entered into evidence in the case against Philip Markoff, who is accused of killing her after he responded to her ad on Craigslist.

Brisman, 26, of New York City, had booked a hotel room in Boston for Sunday through Wednesday night, April 12-15, according to one of those regular clients who booked frequently with Mary Beth Simons, the New York owner of a tanning salon who once shared an apartment with Brisman.

Markoff, the accused so-called "Craigslist killer" was one of Brisman's last clients during her Boston visit.

Meanwhile, as prosecutors collect evidence in the case against Markoff, ABC News received a statement in the 23-year-old's defense from a close friend, who said Markoff has been unfairly labeled "a murderer and a menace to society" by the media. The friend declined to be identified at the request of Markoff's family.

In the statement, the friend said Markoff has endured what amounts to "a public lynching of an individual who in reality has few character flaws," but Markoff's family and friends are "keeping hope of an unbiased trial..."

Simons is cooperating with police and helped provide the link that led Boston Police Department homicide investigators to Markoff's Quincy home after he used his real name and address to set up an email account a day before Brisman was shot three times at point-blank range and had her head bashed in, several law enforcement sources said.

The e-mail obtained by ABC News reads:

"Hi! My girlfriend Morgan, the massage therapist will be visiting Boston Monday 4/13 (available from 1pm until 11pm); Tues 4/14 from 7am-11pm; and Wed 4/15 from 7am- 12noon checkout!) She Visits only once every 1-2 months so dont miss her! Her pics are real, recent, and attached to this message. She is visiting just these couple of days and I highly recommend her! If you would like to schedule, PLEASE E-MAIL back SEVERAL TIME PREFERENCES that work for you during Morgan's window of availability and I will do my best to accommodate you. Be sure to INCLUDE YOUR PHONE NUMBER; I do not give out a contact number until you have provided yours! Kisses XOXO Morgan & Mary,"