Linda Hogan Dishes About Her Divorce From Hulk, Her Children and Her Younger Love

The former first lady of wrestling says the Hulk war is over.

ByABC News via logo
August 7, 2009, 1:45 PM

Aug. 7, 2009 — -- After 24 years of marriage, Linda and Hulk Hogan wrestled in divorce court for nearly two years over an estimated $30 million fortune.

The divorce was settled last week for an undisclosed amount of money. Now, in an exclusive interview on "Good Morning America," the former "Hogan Knows Best" reality star says the war has ended and that she is ready to move on.

''It makes you a tougher soul in a good way. I'm not bitter, I'm not angry ... anymore,'' Hogan, 49, said. "It makes you a better person being able to weather the storm."

Last year, Hogan began dating Charlie Hill, who is nearly 30 years her junior. Although she admits her relationship with Hill is "definitely weird," Hogan says she loves him and isn't bothered by the "cougar queen" headlines in the tabloids.

"It's kind of a fad now, it's cool. I'm finally in style because they really knocked me about how bad I dressed," said Hogan, adding that she shops at Wal-mart and K-Mart.

As for the accusations that she is a "gold digger" or "low class," Hogan brushes those off, too.

"We didn't have anything when we started," Hogan said. "Low class? Well, maybe the way I dress but that would be all. I have blond hair, long nails ... but I wouldn't say low class, just a product of the '80s."