Before Jaycee Dugard: Phillip Garrido Rape Victim Speaks Out

The rape and kidnapping of Katie Hall put Garrido behind bars for years.

ByABC News via logo
September 1, 2009, 7:07 AM

Sept. 1, 2009— -- Katie Callaway Hall has never met Jaycee Dugard, but she knows at least some of the horrors she may have gone through.

Before Jaycee was even born, it was Katie Hall who was kidnapped and raped by Phillip Garrido, the same man accused in Jaycee's abduction and 18-year long imprisonment.

When the news of Jaycee Dugard's ordeal became public and the name and face of Jaycee's alleged abductor appeared, Hall's reaction was intense.

"I started screaming 'Oh my God! Oh my God!," she told "Good Morning America" today. "That's who did it, that's who kidnapped me."

Hall had been picking up food for an evening with her boyfriend in 1976 when Garrido approached her in the parking lot, telling her that his car had broken down and asking for a ride home.

Hall obliged, but when she pulled over to let Garrido out of the car he attacked.

"He slammed my head into the steering wheel. He grabbed my keys and threw them onto the floor," she said, adding that he then took out handcuffs and placed them on her. "I was shocked."

"He said 'You know, I just want a piece of ass. Be good and I won't hurt you,'" she said.

Hall said Garrido then used a leather strap from his ponytail to tie her head to her knees, then transferred her to the passenger seat and covered her with a coat.

She was taken to a warehouse storage shed that was outfitted with rugs hanging from the ceiling, pornography, sex toys and a mattress.

"He roughed me up, but I pretty much blocked out all the rape," she said, adding that she found Garrido to be "crazy," talking about his fantasies of Roman times when the men controlled the women.

Hall said she was raped repeatedly over the next several hours before a police officer saw her car and came to investigate the broken lock on the shed.

While the officer questioned Garrido, Hall burst out of the shed, naked and terrified. Hall said now that she believes Garrido would have killed her if she hadn't escaped.

"He had intended to keep someone there," she said of the shed he had so carefully arranged.

Garrido's first wife, Christine Murphy told Inside Edition, that his conviction in Hall's rape was her chance to get out of the marriage to the man she had come to fear.

Murphy, who said Garrido dug a safety pin into her face and threw her into a car when she tried to flee, called her ex "a monster."