Tip of the Day: 10 Fashion Myths Uncovered

Check Out These Myth Busters to Stop Living in the Fashion Past

Jan. 20, 2011 — -- 10 Fashion Myths that aren't true anymore.

1. Never wear black and blue together. Opt for brighter and bolder blues like cobalt or sky blue if you plan to pair them with black. The brighter hue will keep your outfit from looking washed out.

2. Don't wear silver and gold jewelry together. There are a lot of pieces out there right now that have both silver and gold in them and can really add contrast to your ensemble.

3. Horizontal stripes make you look heavy. A study done by a perception expert at the University of New York found that people don't perceive others wearing horizontal stripes as heavier -- they actually perceive them as thinner!

4. Tall women shouldn't wear high heels. Heels don't just give you height, they make your legs look great! And don't be intimidating by a tall woman – you should be proud of your height.

5. Short women should never wear long dresses. Yes, if short women show some leg, they can make their body look taller. But that doesn't mean long dresses make them look shorter! Try pairing a long dress with a high wedge for extra height if you want it.

6. Never mix patterns or prints. This can be difficult but it looks amazing when done properly. Here are some tips:

• If the colors are different, the design should be the same.

• If the designs are different, the colors should be the same.

• Vary the scale. If one print has large shapes, the second print should be smaller.

7. Sequins are only for eveningwear. Obviously wearing a sequin dress with high heels to work would not be appropriate. But it can be done right & more casual with a sequin top and jeans or skirt for work.

8. Never wear more than one bold color. You don't want to overdo it by having bold colors everywhere, but you can wear more than one! Try spacing them out like a bright top and bold shoes.

9. Always match your bag or shoes with your outfit. Maybe if you're wearing eveningwear for a more polished look. But any other time, try spicing it up by using different colors or prints. Show off your own style.

10. Never wear white after Labor Day. Times have changed. Wear white all year round – in the winter, it can be especially beautiful!

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