True or False: Can Aromatherapy Help Relieve Stress?

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ByABC News via logo
October 17, 2011, 3:25 PM

Oct. 17, 2011 — -- True, aromatherapy can help reduce pain and stress.One of the most effortless, yet effective ways to relieve stress is by using aromatherapy. Exposing your senses to strong smelling chemicals such as essential oils can positively affect your hormone production, brain chemistry, and stress levels.

Aromatherapy is most effective when you involve your sense of touch and smell:

Sense of touch: Using warm massage oils and/or essential oils in a warm bath are both powerful ways to use aromatherapy for stress relief. The additive factor of heat allows the oils to soak into your skin and therefore affect your bloodstream. This will in turn loosen the blood flow and improve your circulation. In addition, including a massage will strengthen the affects by using two different stress relieving methods.

Sense of smell: There are a variety of scented oils and candles one can use to relieve stress. The combination of both strong scented candles and oils is known to increase the effectiveness of anxiety reduction. Make sure to use scented candles/oils that are appealing to you and your senses. Popular scents are rose, mandarin, peppermint, clary sage, lemon balm, and lavender.