New Twists on Classic Passover Recipes

VIDEO: Telepan executive chef Bill Telepan creates a Passover meal with a mash twist.

These are some of our favorite new takes on traditional recipes for Passover. From a vegetarian matzo ball soup to a cherry chocolate mousse cake, these dishes may just become family favorites.

Set out your best tableware and serve your family these delicious dishes over Passover week.

PHOTO: Vegetable soup with matzo balls and dill oil.
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Seltzer, eggs and matzo make the matzo balls in this comforting soup. Homemade dill oil adds a subtle flavor and you can save the leftover oil to drizzle on gefilte fish.

PHOTO: Potato leek soup is shown here.
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This one-pot soup can be enjoyed during the week of Passover. Once the ingredients are fully cooked, blend them in a food processor or with an immersion blender for an easy first course.

PHOTO: Smoked salmon is shown in this file photo.
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This is the perfect recipe for brunch or as an appetizer during the week. Spread the dill cream over the matzo and top with smoked salmon and caviar.

This brisket is braised in veal stock with garlic and vegetables for three hours. Sauteed mushrooms and onions add a nice earthiness to the tender meat.

PHOTO: Roasted lamb rack with lamb tongue.
ABC News

These lamb shanks are braised with vadouvan, apricots and walnuts for an unusual twist on a boring braise. The lemon mint dressing brightens up the flavor of the braise and doubles as a delicious salad dressing.

PHOTO: Fragrant chicken fingers are shown.
Ida Mae Astute/ABC

We've even found something for the kids with these fragrant chicken fingers. Matzo meal and ground chicken are baked with spices for a Passover recipe the adults might even want to try.

PHOTO: Jonathan Waxman's braised lamb shanks with dates, tangerines and baby onions are shown here.
Rosa Mexicano

Traditional braised lamb shanks get a Mexican flair with a spicy mixiote salsa. To lock in additional flavor, the meat is cooked in a parchment package with a banana leaf.

PHOTO: Chocolate almond cake.

This rich chocolate cake uses almond flour in place of traditional wheat flour. Chocolate chips get mixed into the batter for an extra chocolaty treat.

PHOTO: Coconut macaroons are shown in this file photo.
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These chewy coconut cookies can be filled with a piece of bittersweet chocolate. Dust them lightly with confectioner's sugar for a sweet treat.

PHOTO: Cherry chocolate mousse.
Irish America

This cherry chocolate mousse can be made with Kosher chocolate for a delicious dessert. Foamy egg whites create a heavenly light texture.

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