Last Minute Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

There's still time to find the perfect last-minute Valentine's gift.

Feb. 13, 2011— -- Once again it's February 13th, and the most romantic day of the year looms over couples across the globe. Did you forget to pick up a gift for that special sweetheart in your life? Never fear, there's still time to hit the stores and the Web to find the perfect last-minute Valentine's gift that will make your lady swoon or your man go mad. Here's our list of fantastic ideas for this year's V-day:

Gourmet Chocolate of the Month Club

What's the one thing better than receiving a heart-shaped box of chocolates on V-day from your loved one? Getting that box once a month all year long, of course! You and your sweetie can taste concoctions from a vast range of international chocolatiers, delivered to your door for only $30.95 USD per month (plus S&H).

Romantic Movies

From the charming Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy in the BBC's adaptation of Jane Austin's classic "Pride and Prejudice" to Ryan Gosling's swoon-worthy romantic gestures in "The Notebook," what better wat to curl up with your sweetheart on the 14th than with a timeless romance on DVD? Order as soon as possibly for overnight delivery from Amazon!

Create a Fantastic Photobook

Do you have a ton of photos of you and your significant other filling your hard drive, but no time to come up with the perfect gift for tomorrow's big day? Never fear, your local drug store will once again come to the rescue! Just head down to one of the Kodak Picture Kiosks at a nearby CVS with a flashdrive full of photos, and create personal greeting cards with photos and text, a personalized photobook or PYNK collage frame -- all in under an hour!

Romantic Dinner

Did you forget to book a table for a romantic evening out with your sweetie? Head to, where you can easily search restaurants in your area that can accommodate you on Valentine's day. And when you sign up, the site will actually suggest some of your area's romantic culinary hotspots.

A Time-Tested Classic: Roses

A tradition as old as time, lovers can say everything from "I'm sorry" to "I love you" without saying a word, but with a gorgeous, robust, aromatic bouquet of fresh flowers. Choose from a wide variety including the classic Long Stem Red Rose Bouquet at or the Everlasting Love™ bouquet at 1-800-FLOWERS – or even go for something tasteful and tasty at

Don't forget about last-minute deals to be found on sites like and to find offers on Valentine's Day specials across the country.