It's Your World, In 'Your Three Words'!


We've been asking for you to send us Your Three Words about your life and, America, you've been answering.

Nearly every week, we see different, heart-warming montages of American lives -- sometimes the big moments, many times the smaller ones, that reassure us every day.

Even celebrities are getting in on the act! Stay tuned here for more on that!

We have romantics, babies, adventurers, athletes, retirees, families – every stripe of American life.

Now ABC News is taking this video campaign to the next level. We want you to tell us your thoughts -- in just three words of course -- on a series of topics that we plan to launch in the future.

Right now, we want you to:

Tell Us Your Three Words About the Holidays!

Tell Robin Your Three Words on Turning 50!

But as always, CLICK HERE to keep tell us Your Three Words about YOUR life in general.

In coming weeks we'll roll out more topics for you to sound off on, so keep that video camera handy.

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