Allergy Moms Face Fear, Guilt

Mothers of kids with allergies take part in an emotional roundtable discussion.

ByABC News
October 7, 2008, 5:39 PM

Oct. 18, 2008 -- Severe allergies are certainly a challenge for those who have them, but when children are stricken, parents often become riddled with feelings of guilt, self-doubt and anger.

In a roundtable discussion for the OnCall+ Allergy section, four mothers of children with allergies -- Laurel Francoeur, Susan Wynn, Christine Mulvey and Jennifer Root (from left to right in the video clips) -- reveal the struggles they've faced and the lessons they've learned while caring for their children with severe allergies.

Below you'll find links to the six-part series.

Watch Part One (Warning Signs): The allergy moms recall the first signs of allergies in their children.

Watch Part Two (Coping): After diagnosis, coping with allergic children is a challenge, the allergy moms say.

Watch Part Three (Convincing Others): How the allergy moms deal with people who question the way they care for their children.

Watch Part Four (School, Special Events): Birthdays mean extra work for allergy moms.

Watch Part Five (Guilt and Hurt): Guilt sets in when the allergy moms talk about accidents and difficult choices.

Watch Part Six (The Bright Side): The allergy moms talk about the positive aspects of an allergy-free lifestyle.