What Can I Do To Prevent Insect Sting Allergies?

Question: What can I do to prevent insect sting allergies?

Answer: Preventing insect sting allergy is not always possible. In other words, to prevent becoming allergic means you have to never get stung. And that's something we would all like to do.

Getting stung at any time in your life could awaken the allergy in your system. There is no real way to prevent that from happening.

Preventing the reactions from happening, again means trying to prevent getting stung and of course ideally you would not eat or drink outdoors at all because that's what attracts the yellow jackets, especially straws or canned drinks. I see many people who get stung in the tongue or throat because of hidden yellow jackets in straws and cans.

Avoiding trash and fruit trees and the areas basically where these insects hang out, mowing the lawn and yard work and gardening obviously are another time of heavier exposure to insects.

Preventing the reactions, someone who knows they're allergic because they've had abnormal swellings or severe allergic reactions to stings, that's a little different. You not only have to try to not get stung, you have to be equipped and know how to look out for reactions and what to do if a reaction starts. So preventing a severe reaction means knowing you're allergic, asking your doctor about it and getting the appropriate medicine to keep on hand or being immunized if necessary to prevent severe and dangerous reactions.

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