Can I Ever Be Cured Of My Allergy?

Dr. Jordan Josephson answers the question: 'Can I Ever Be Cured Of My Allergy?'

— -- Question: Can I ever be cured of my allergy?

Answer: Yes. With allergy shots, some people can be cured of their allergy. But people with sinus problems and allergies usually have a chronic problem. And what we can do with various medicines and if you have bad sinus problems -- maybe even a come-in-the-morning-and-go-home-the-same-day surgery, where you're back to work the next working day, and medicines to augment that -- we can get you to a point where your quality of life is so much better, so much better.

And the good news is, for those people that have previous allergy shots and previous medicines that have failed, for those people that have had previous surgery that have failed, we have newer combinations of medicines that can make these people better, and we have newer types and techniques of surgery, where people come into the hospital in the morning, go home the same day, they're back to work the next day.

There's no packing, no general anesthesia, so it's a very easy type of procedure, and these people are seeing phenomenal results. And so for those people who have failed therapy before or think that therapy won't work because they haven't had good success, the good news for them is there's hope on the horizon. We have newer techniques that can help them.

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