What Prescription Drugs Are Used To Treat Sinus Infections, And When Are They Necessary?

Dr. Ralph Metson answers the question: 'Prescription Meds For Sinus Infections?'

— -- Question: What prescription drugs are used to treat sinus infections, and when are they necessary?

Answer: Your doctor may decide to write a prescription for an antibiotic. In cases of sinusitis that doesn't get better with saltwater irrigations or over-the-counter medications.

Antibiotics kill bacteria, and bacteria which overgrow inside the sinuses are the primary cause of that headache, and facial pain and pressure are associated with sinusitis.

So most patients that begin taking an antibiotic, after 48 to 72 hours, feel quite a bit better. Not only is the discomfort lessened, but you can find that you're breathing better through your nose and the drainage is also much improved with a course of antibiotics.

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