Are There Any Natural Alternatives For Treating H1N1 Flu?

Kathi J. Kemper, M.D., Wake

Question: Are there any natural alternatives for treating H1N1 flu?

Answer:With all the concern about pandemic H1N1 influenza, many parents are turning for information about complementary and alternative therapies. The most important things parents can do to ensure their child stays healthy in the middle of the epidemic are the kinds of things we recommend to keep them healthy in cold and flu season normally. So, that is, good hygiene, making sure there is frequent hand washing, plenty of sleep, covering coughs and making sure they get immunized are very, very important. Other things that are important for a healthy immune system: good nutrition, making sure that there is good probiotics in the diet, either through yogurt or fermented foods or through probiotic supplements that are available can also be helpful. But the main things are good hygiene, adequate sleep and getting those immunizations.