Should I Take Vitamin E If I Want To Prevent Heart Disease, Or If I Already Have Heart Disease?

Mimi Guarneri, M.D.,

Question: Should I take vitamin E if I want to prevent heart disease, or if I already have heart disease?

Answer: The question is should I take vitamin E if I have or want to prevent heart disease. Vitamin E is very interesting. It is an antioxidant. I firmly believe that antioxidants are necessary to protect the heart and to protect the brain. We know that inflammation, for example, is linked to heart disease, to Alzheimer's disease, and to arthritis, even some cancers. So when we take antioxidants like vitamin E, they help to balance the inflammation in our bodies. I strongly suggest that if you consider taking antioxidants like vitamin E, that you speak with your physician and that you consider taking a mixed tocopherol vitamin E, instead of just picking one small element of the molecule.