How Do I Encourage My Loved One With Alzheimer's To Exercise, And Which Exercises Are Best?

Dr. Whitehouse answers the question: 'Best Exercises For Alzheimer's Patients?'

May 4, 2009 -- Question: How do I encourage my loved one with Alzheimer's to exercise, and which exercises are best?

Answer: Well exercise is a very, very important issue for all of us, frankly. And I would answer the question about exercise for someone with Alzheimer's the way I would answer it for anybody: getting into a regular habit of things that you enjoy, doing it with other people -- simple things to start, for example, walking, whether it's walking at home, or whether it's walking at a mall, or walking outside.

But, exercise is hard for all of us to be motivated to do, but it has to come from inside -- what is it that somebody wants to do, what is it that they get out of the exercise, it's enjoyable. And once you've found those things, to get into a regular habit.