Jeff Szymanski, Ph.D., Consultant for the ABC News OnCall+ Mind & Mood - Anxiety Disorders Center

— -- Jeff Szymanski, Ph.D. is the director of psychological services at McLean Hospital's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Institute (OCDI), a residential treatment program for patients with severe and refractory OCD. He also is a clinical instructor in psychology at Harvard Medical School.

After earning a doctorate from Northern Illinois University, Dr. Szymanski completed his psychology internship at Harvard Medical School affiliate McLean Hospital and a post-doctoral fellowship at the May Institute.

During his career, Dr. Szymanski has been instrumental in implementing cutting-edge therapeutic services for those afflicted with OCD. He also helped to develop and stage a highly successful dialectical behavioral therapy program for the treatment of borderline personality disorder at Two Brattle Center in Cambridge, Mass.

In his current role at McLean, Dr. Szymanski provides intensive one-on-one treatment for people with OCD. In addition to his clinical responsibilities, he is a widely sought-after speaker and educator. He regularly participates in the psychology training program at McLean Hospital, supervising pre-doctoral interns and psychiatry residents -- and leading a weekly cognitive behavioral therapy seminar.

Dr. Szymanski is a paid consultant for the OnCall+ Mind & Mood - Anxiety Disorders Center.