How Long Will I Need To Stay On Medication Treatment For My Anxiety Disorder?

Dr. George Pratt answers the question: 'Duration Of Meds For Anxiety Disorders?'

— -- Question: How long will I need to stay on medication treatment for my anxiety disorder?

Answer: This is a complicated question, it really needs to be determined by a qualified physician. And that would be based on how long the person's been taking the medication, what kind of medication, what the person's response and how severe the symptoms have been. At times, people will even be given a medication that is usually designed for high blood pressure, and it's taken at the moment of the stress. Many times, antidepressants will be described, and they have a calming effect overall as well.

So you really need to talk to your physician about that and see what's right for you based on the severity of the symptoms, how you're doing, and what your goals are.

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