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What Do I Do If I Think A Friend Or Family Member Has An Anxiety Disorder?

Dr. Maizes answers the question: 'I Think A Friend Has An Anxiety Disorder?'

ByABC News
November 20, 2008, 4:09 PM

— -- Question: What do I do if I think a friend or family member has an anxiety disorder?

Answer: When we think that a friend or family member has an anxiety disorder, it's probably wise for us to bring it to that person's attention. How we do it may require tact, subtlety. For example, it might be appropriate to say, I notice you worry a lot, or, you seem to be anxious a great deal of the time, and then to allow the person to respond. If they say, 'Yes I do worry a lot,' there's an opening for a dialogue about, 'Do you want to do something about this,' you know, 'How much of a problem is it in your life?' If the person's response is, 'I don't think I worry too much,' then there is much less opening, perhaps, to engage in a dialogue.

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