How Do I Meet People, Date, Manage An Existing Relationship, And Have A Healthy Sex Life With Autism?

Question: What are some strategies for meeting people, dating, managing an existing relationship, and having a healthy sex life with an autism spectrum disorder?

Answer: Well dating can be complicated. But the first step is fairly easy. If you'd like to meet people it's important to get out of the house and go to some type of event that happens on a regular basis. So you might be able to join a special interest club. You might be able to join an exercise club, or some other type of club like a book club or a movie club. When you see people over and over in the same setting, it's often easier to get to know them.

If you would like to start dating people you may also let your friends and family know that you're interested because they may be able to introduce to someone. Once you enter into a serious relationship, a couples' counselor can be helpful in helping you learn how to communicate effectively with your partner around difficult issues such as planning for the future, money, in-laws, or sex.