How Important Is It To Have Family Members Involved In Early Intervention, And How Should That Be Achieved?

Dr. Lori Warner answers the question: 'Involving Family In Early Intervention?'

Oct. 23, 2008 -- Question: How important is it to have family members involved in early intervention, and how should that be achieved?

Answer: We believe that family involvement is essential in achieving best outcomes for children with autism. In fact in our clinical work we have called our autism program The HOPE Center, standing for Hands-On Parent Education. It's important that families learn these techniques so that they can become empowered to help their child through all hours of the day.

Learning can then occur in all environments versus only happening in professional settings. Additionally when parents learn these techniques, it adds to the number of hours of professionally delivered therapy. We feel that the best method for training parents is through direct teaching and training in an intensive behaviorally based program.