Natural Approaches to Summer Beauty

Some beauty solutions may be as close as your kitchen cabinet.

ByABC News
May 12, 2008, 1:26 PM

May 13, 2008— -- With the temperatures climbing, BBQs, pool parties and vacation days will start to fill your calendar.

But baring your limbs to the harsh light of day can be daunting after a winter swaddled in sweaters. Find confidence to shed the fleece with these tips for natural beauty from the editors at

Eliminate winter flakes: Apply a mashed papaya to your face and neck for 15 minutes to soften and exfoliate.

Sweet sloughing: Sugar is a natural exfoliator that hydrates and nourishes while sloughing off dull skin (though the healthy raw kind can be too harsh, so be sure to use refined). Create a scrub with sugar, honey and lemon for a sweet complexion.

Citrus splash: Add ¼ cup finely grated lemon peel (an astringent and clarifier) and ¼ cup finely grated grapefruit peel (unclogs pores) to a cup of hot water. Add a cup of fresh mint leaves. Boil for 2 minutes until peels are soft and slightly translucent. Let cool, then strain liquid and pour into a bottle for a refreshing splash. Refrigerate. (Keeps up to 3 weeks.)

Tomato dose: Smash a cherry tomato (balances pH levels and tightens pores) and add an equal amount of plain yogurt. Leave on for 10 minutes.

Cucumber fix: Coarsely chop half a peeled cucumber (cools inflammation and tightens pores) and blend until smooth. Apply liberally and leave on for 15 minutes.

Sushi solution: Eel, seaweed and rice are packed with vitamin B (good for oily skin), so chow down on some unagi. Not a sushi fan? Cheese and egg yolk are also vitamin B sources, so try a breakfast scramble.

Inside out: Noshing on raspberries, blueberries and strawberries (rich in antioxidants and vitamin C) help keep summer skin fresh.

Unsightly legs: To treat nicks that are usually covered, apply grape seed extract to the scrape it promotes healing and helps reduce scarring. If varicose veins are your problem, sleep with two pillows under your feet. If all else fails, makeup works as well on your shin as it does on your chin. Try Dermablend, specifically formulated to cover bruises, unsightly veins and even tattoos.