Can Nerve Blocks Be Used To Relieve Cancer Pain Permanently?

Dr. Foley answers the question: 'Treating Cancer Pain With Nerve Blocks'

— -- Question: Is There Always A Way To Treat Cancer-Related Pain Or Do Some People Just Have To Suffer?

Answer: One of the approaches to managing cancer pain is the use of what are called anesthetic blocks. What these anesthetic blocks do is temporarily, and in some instances permanently, block the nerve to the site of pain. They can play a very important role for some patients, particularly those patients who have what's called nerve injury, or neuropathic pain. So, anesthetic approaches are part of the armamentarium, or part of the approach, that we use to manage cancer pain, and we think there really needs to be a team approach with the anesthesiologist, the oncologist, the pain specialist, the palliative care specialist, helping to treat the patient.

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