Can Some Types Of Injections Into My Joints Be Helpful?

Dr. Benoy Benny answers the question: 'Injections Into Joints For Pain?'

— -- Question: Can Some Types Of Injections Into My Joints Be Helpful For Pain?

Answer: Joint injections can be very helpful. Now, again we have to talk about the different types of joints that are involved. Knee injections can be very helpful; hip injections can be very helpful; even injections into the spine, into joints such as the sacroiliac joint or the verset joint can be very helpful.

What we normally inject into it is a combination of a steroid and a local anesthetic. That provides both the anti-inflammatory effect as well as the analgestic effect to help with the pain.

Sometimes, however, the pain relief will only last for two or three months, and so these injections can be repeated if it's needed. If the effects of it continue to be short-term, one would need to think about the possibility of other interventions.

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