David Brendel, M.D., Ph.D., Consultant for the ABC News OnCall+ Mind & Mood - Depression Center

ByABC News
March 3, 2009, 5:20 PM

— -- David H. Brendel, M.D., Ph.D. practices psychiatry in the Boston area and teaches ethics and professionalism at Harvard Medical School. He has years of clinical experience in diagnosing and treating mood disorders (including major depression and bipolar disorder), anxiety disorders, personality disorders, eating disorders, attention deficit disorder, schizophrenia, sleep disorders, and addictions. He served as associate medical director of the Pavilion evaluation and treatment service at McLean Hospital from 2003 to 2010. He currently maintains a private practice (in Belmont, Mass.) and serves as associate medical director of inpatient psychiatry at Walden BehavioralCare (in Waltham, Mass.).

Dr. Brendel's academic work focuses on psychiatric ethics and the complex relationship between scientific and humanistic approaches in psychiatry. He has special interest and expertise in combining psychotherapy and psychopharmacology in the management of complex and difficult to treat disorders. His book, Healing Psychiatry: Bridging the Science/Humanism Divide, was published by the MIT Press in 2006 and released in paperback in 2009. He has also published articles and spoken extensively on the ethics of using online technologies, such as Google and Facebook, the the clinical practice of medicine and psychiatry.

More information on Dr. Brendel's clinical, academic, and media work is available on his website: www.drdavidbrendel.com

Dr. Brendel is a paid consultant for the ABCNews.com OnCall+ Mind & Mood - Depression Center.