How Shy Are You?

Find out by completing a questionnaire used by the Shyness Research Institute.

ByABC News

Aug. 24, 2007— -- Are you just a little standoffish? Charmingly reserved? Or could your behaviors qualify you as seriously shy?

If you're curious to find out, take out your paper and pencils. The quiz below is adapted from the same questionnaire used by Bernard Carducci at the Shyness Research Institute.

Question 1:

How often do you experience feelings of shyness?

Question 2:

Compared with your peers, how shy are you?

Question 3:

"Shyness makes me feel symptoms such as a racing heart and sweaty palms."This description is ...

Question 4:

"Shyness makes me think others are reacting negatively to what I do and say." Thisdescription is ...

Question 5:

"Shyness keeps me from behaving appropriately in social settings -- for example, introducing myself or making conversation." This description is...

Question 6:

"Shyness appears when I'm interacting with someone to whom I'm attracted. This description is ...

Question 7:

"Shyness appears when I'm interacting with someone in a position of authority (e.g., supervisors at work, professors, experts in their field)." This description is ...

That's it! Check the next page to find out what your score means.

Add together the numbers that correspond to your responses to each of the seven items in the Shyness Quiz.

7-11: Not at all to slightly shy: Shyness does not seem to be much of a problem for you. Congratulations!

12-16: Moderately shy: Shyness seems to be a frequent barrier in your life.

17-21: Very shy: Shyness is preventing you from reaching your full potential in life.

To participate in professor Carducci's ongoing research on shyness, tell us more about your shyness. Feel free to use additional sheets to answer these items:

For research purposes, please include the following information:

E-mail your answers to the Shyness Quiz and extended responses to Professor Carducci at: