What Obstacles Sometimes Prevent Men And Women From Getting Help For Depression?

Dr. Pollack answers the question: 'Obstacles That Delay Help For Depression?'

— -- Question: What obstacles sometimes prevent people from getting help for depression?

Answer: Well even though depression is a bonafide illness and someone shouldn't feel ashamed about it, we still have stigma in the United States. We still look down on people who have emotional disorders so a lot of people won't get help even if they know they need it.

But other obstacles are for women that sometimes people say they're just complaining too much, when in fact they have a genuine sadness that's become a depression. And for men, men often feel that to be a true, strong, healthy man you can't be weak and be tired. You can't be weak and be persistently sad. You shouldn't have to go to a doctor for any kind of help all together.

And you certainly, if you're getting angry and irritable that's someone else's fault, not yours. And the man doesn't realize he's depressed and needs help. And someone has to help him to see, one, that he needs help. And two, that there's nothing wrong with him as a man, it's just that he's depressed and needs treatment.

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