When Is Diabetes Considered A Disability At Work?

Question: My name is Nate. I have type 1 diabetes. I was diagnosed in 2005. And my question is, when is diabetes considered a disability at the work place?

Answer: Nate, that's a very difficult question; when is diabetes a disability? There are certainly a number of situations where having diabetes is problematic. Certainly the major problem related to that is a risk of developing a low blood sugar because a low blood sugar can cause confusion and disorientation. As a result of that it's very difficult for people who take insulin for diabetes to be commercial airplane pilots or to be commercial truck drivers.

For the most part though, we strongly encourage people with diabetes to lead a full and normal life and to actually function and perform in the workplace. And most people can do that just as well as anybody else, and in many cases much better because they are more attentive to their health and well being.