Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California, Calif.

AtUSC, we are doing many different kinds of diabetes research. I am personally involved in research at the community level, because USC is located in a lower-income, very high-risk community for getting diabetes, so we're looking at how to help communities tackle the epidemic of obesity and diabetes, both in children and in adults. Other researchers at USC are also working in the communities, again, to try to help deal with this epidemic at its roots. In the communities, I also do research in terms of lifestyle – behavior modification, how to use diet and exercise to improve treatments for diabetes – and I am also doing research through a juvenile diabetes research foundation grant to look at the use of sensors and the development of an artificial pancreas in some of these lower income individuals who happen to have type 1 diabetes. As far as bench research goes, a number of my colleagues are looking at a molecular level, as well as a genetic level, to try to answer some of the questions both as to the causes of diabetes, and then as to the treatment of diabetes.